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We're happily based in 460 Bryant St San Francisco, California, SF, CA 94107 - A Golden City of cultural and little bit Everything . Our Second Branch office is located in 1 King St, London W6 9HR, UK (UK & USA). In addition, Our Warehouse are located in Different locations. UK, US, SWEDEN, UAE, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore & Australia and will expand the network to other areas in future.

Just click on a product you like and is available in your size and add to cart and then click "BUY NOW" button. Then simply follow the easy checkout process and your product will be on its way!

The reason why we often offer FREE products is that our supplier gives us some products for free in the end of their production cycle. In other cases, We run some special promotional campaigns and offers. We do however ask you to pay for shipping on these free products.

We are sorry to see you go. Please send us an email at eeetblog [@] gmail.com (or " "Contact Us" ) within 2 hours after purchase and we will make sure your order gets cancelled.

Good News, Our Incredible Refund & Returns Policy will make you happy. We bet that no one can offer this kind of Refund and Return policy ever.

For faulty products (0.1% Chance) , There is no Return Policy. We will send another product. This way, You will have not to pay extra for returning & shipping. Boom... You will have both of the products at once. Free of cost.

For other products and other related issues, Please send us an email at eeetblog [@] gmail.com (or " "Contact Us" )and we will send you further instructions on how to return your purchased product.*

Shipping time varies from 12-20 days to USA and 3-5 Weeks for International Shipping due to large number of orders as well as our logistics facility is located in different location around the world and the products and availability is depends on different stocks and warehouses in different locations because Item may not be stocked in our current warehouses, So we will pick the product from our warehouse where the current stock available at the wholesale or cheaper price as compared to the market sellers rates. In some case, If we reduce the price of the current product, We may partially refund after placing your order as a bonus as well :)

When you complete the order. A Tracking number and url will be sent to you in your email. You can track it online then. also, 24/7 Support is here to assist you more in details when needed?

Thanks and Best Wishes.
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